The Funds of the Trust are used in the following ways:-

Grants to Individuals :- Applications are considered from students who have made proper provision to fund a degree, or higher education, course but find themselves facing unexpected financial difficulties which may prevent completion of it; also from students who are required, as part of their course, to spend a short period studying abroad.  Applicants must be full-time students at a British University.  In the year to February 2019 there were 55 grants made to individuals.

Grants to Organisations :- Modest grants are made to British organisations if it seems likely that the project(s) for which funds are sought will fill educational gaps, or make more widely available a particular aspect of education or learning.  The project(s) may be in the U.K. or overseas.

Grants to Expeditions :- The Trust supports a number of small or medium-sized British expeditions, with teams of three or more, proposing to carry out research of a scientific nature in another country.  

Gilchrist Fieldwork Award :- The Gilchrist Fieldwork Award of £15,000 is offered annually for the best overseas research proposal by a small team of qualified scientists or academics in the U.K.

Registered Charity No. 313877  

Chairman  - Mr Charles E.S. Whitbread, BSc.
Dr. John H. Hemming, C.M.G., D.Litt.
Professor Frederick L. Pearce, PhD., C.Chem.
Professor Stuart R. Harrop, LLB (Hons).
Mrs Shane Winser, BSc (Hons).
Secretary – Mrs J. Valerie Considine, A.C.I.S.