Registered Charity No. 313877  

Grants to Organisations

Applications from organisations are considered by the Trustees if it seems likely that the project(s) for which funds are sought will fill academic educational gaps or make more widely available a particular aspect of education or learning. They should meet the following criteria:-
a.       the project should be capable of benefiting a number of people;

b.       the funds sought will be used for a particular academic educational project, or for a specific purpose such as furniture or equipment, and not as an addition to the general funds of the applicant.  Funds are not available for social educational projects;

c.        if the project is overseas, the application must come from an organisation in the U.K.;

d.       the proposals should not duplicate work already being done by another organisation, or by this Trust.  

e.       The organisation must be either registered as a company in the U.K. or registered as a Charity in the U.K.

Appeals from the following are not considered by the Trustees:-

a.      Primary or Secondary Schools;
b.      organisations or groups seeking funds to be used exclusively to build or renovate buildings;
c.       organisations or groups which show evidence of party - political bias;
d.      organisations or groups formed for medical purposes, unless there is a significant educational element in the proposal for which funds are sought;
e.       organisations or groups seeking funds to help meet administrative or running costs;
f.        organisations or groups seeking such a large sum that any contribution from this Trust would be a mere “drop in the ocean”;

Applications from organisations are considered by the Trustees in  April or May each year and must be submitted by the end of February at the latest. Application are unlikely to be considered for funding in consecutive years. Application forms can be obtained by e-mail from the Secretary at the forms should be returned by e-mail to the same address and a hard signed copy, together with any required enclosures, by post to the Secretary at the above address. 

In the Trust's last financial year, the range of grants made in this category was from £500 to £4,000.